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Storefronts & Commercial Real Estate available for lease or for sale in West Town.

This information is updated monthly. Please try visiting the City of Chicago's new Site Selector online program:

Site Selector is a free service for small business owners looking for commercial and industrial space in Chicago. The tool also helps brokers and property owners promote available properties in the city. Chamber of Commerce or what the City is now calling Neighborhood Business Development Centers (NBDC) will work with local property owners to identify properties in their communities that are for lease though not listed with a broker and will post availability on Site Selector. Posting and searching for listings are both free.

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1001 N Milwaukee Ave6852MCM Realty, LTD.Brian Finger7733428200
1001 N Western Ave1275Catherine Caravette, IncCatherine Caravette7737589857B3-2, Chicago
1001 W Chicago Ave44000Bond CompaniesRobert Bond3128530070
1005 N California Ave13000Synergy RealtyMehdi Movaffagh3126262660
1041 N California Ave1600Hillary FarrellHillary Farrell773235750350
1054 N Ashland Ave1800First Western PropertiesLaryssa Moros7735452000
1056 N Ashland Ave627First Western PropertiesLaryssa Moros7735452000
1057 W Grand Ave3882Vandon Forbes LLCAaron Kaplan8476737000
1087 N North Branch St39500Colliers InternationalMichael Senner8476988444
1100 W Grand Ave100000Sterling Bay CompaniesKevin Donohoe3124664100C1-5
1105-1113 W Chicago Ave4660Baum Realty Group, LLCMark Fredericks3126663000
1108 N Ashland Ave900Sergio & Banks Real EstateGrace Sergio7732356100
1110 N Ashland Ave900Sergio & Banks Real EstateGrace Sergio7732356100
1128-1130 W Chicago Ave1900River West Associate, LLC3127047233C1-2
1134 N Homan Ave28000CTK Chicago PartnersTimothy Newberg312337101021
1200 N Milwaukee Ave177JLLLauren Smith3127825800
1332 W Grand Ave3934Conlon CommercialSteve Horvath3127337201B1-2
1413-1417 W Grand Ave735DesignBridgeGabriel Dziekiewicz3124215885
1423 W Chicago Ave1550Dumas & Associates Realty Inc.Nikki Dumas7732788778
1446-1448 W Chicago Ave1400RN Realty, LLCNoah O'Neill3125276200C2-2
1461 W Chicago Ave2378Frontline Real Estate PartnersAndrew Rubin8477808065B1-2
1500 W Division St1700Worldwide Unlimited RealtyLeah Ellington8008080240COMMR
1500-1510 W Chicago Ave1829SVN l Chicago CommercialWayne Caplan3126761866B2-2, Cook
1532 W Chicago Ave2550Jameson Commercial Real EstateKatie Whelan3128672270b3-3
1538 W Chicago Ave6400Joseph VosatkaJoe Vosatka7735617737Retail
1543 W Division St250Eldorrado Chicago Real Estate, LLCAlexis Eldorrado3126129060
1544 W Chicago Ave2300Jameson Commercial Real EstateJustin Collins3128672270C1-2, Chicago
1559 W Chicago Ave2150Jameson Commercial Real EstateMark Kishtow3128672270B1-3
1620-1624 W Chicago Ave7240Building Blocks, Inc.Kevin Miske3122439960B1-2, Chicago
1637 W Chicago Ave5800Jameson Commercial Real EstateMark Kishtow312867227042812
1645 W Chicago Ave1800Re/Max Exclusive PropertiesKen Levine3123373629B3-3, Chicago
1653 W Division St2123@properties CommercialMichael Weber3125060200
1654 W Chicago Ave4000Carroll Street PropertiesGarret Browne7736717936B1-2
1714 W Division St7326Mid-America Real Estate Corp.Mike Wexler6309547300
1719 W Chicago Ave1400Remax CityviewDalia Cajigas7736318260B1-2
1743 W Division St2727Fulton Matthews, Inc.John Leydon3125431798C1-2, Chicago
1745 W Division St1755Fulton Matthews, Inc.John Leydon3125431798
1746 W Division St2150HSA Commercial Real EstateBrenton Schrader3123323555
1747 W Division St550Rosh ManagementAndy Roshanger8473299663
1747 W Grand Ave20000Pagoda Red7732351188M1-2
1753 W Chicago Ave2400Javier ZavaletaJavier Zavaleta3122263633B1-2
1754 W Division St2200Gaspar & Gloria E GomezMichelle Gomez7734862110C1-2, Chicago
1805-1809 W Division St1450Conlon Commercial3127337201C1-2, County
1819-1821 W Chicago Ave1744Remax CityviewDalia Cajigas7736318260B52, Chicago
1820-1830 W Grand Ave2750Acorn Property ManagementNoel Bushala3124551133M1-2
1841 W Chicago Ave1000Broken Art RestorationWilliam Marhoefer8154723900
1911 W Chicago Ave2335Frontline Real Estate PartnersMatt Tarshis8477808065
1913 W Chicago Ave2648Therapy Providers7084224441commercial
1919 W Chicago Ave985Frontline Real Estate PartnersMatt Tarshis847780806550
1949 W Chicago Ave2650Dumas & Associates Realty Inc.Nikki Dumas7732788778B3-3, Chicago
1952 W Chicago Ave4000Kudan Group, Inc.Jeremy Kudan3125750480B3-2
1959 W Erie St1300G.D.T. PropertiesGus Tzoumas7087950800
2001 W Race Ave1440Imperial Realty CompanyTheron May7737364100Commercial
2006-2008 W Chicago Ave1200Metro Commercial Real EstateSharon Bar-Shalom8474129898B3-2
2027-2035 W Division St3233@properties CommercialBrian Connolly3122540200
2105 W Division St1600Betancourt RealtyJoe Betancourt7733427211
2119-2133 W Chicago Ave7196Baum Realty Group, LLCMarcus Cook3126663000C1-2
2127 W Division St2600Robert K. Futterman & Associates, LLCCooper Annenberg3126988880R2
2204 W Chicago Ave1000@properties CommercialMichael Weber3125060200
2210 W Chicago Ave2700@properties CommercialMichael Weber3125060200C1-2
2246-2252 W Chicago Ave1400United Real Estate - ChicagoGene Bagnuolo6307484660
2336 W Grand Ave1700C1-2, Chicago
2338 Grand Ave W1700SVN l Chicago CommercialLee Ffrench3126761866B3-3
2500 W Chicago Ave2000Scott StiffleScott Stiffle7736550122B4-2, Chicago
2504 W Division St3000Carroll Street PropertiesGarret Browne7736717936B1-1
2540 W Division St2135Robert WhiteRobert White6303736337C1-2, Chicago
2542 W Chicago Ave1500Sergio LishchukSergio Lishchuk3123638714Commercial
2611 W Division St1300Janette MaysonetJanette Maysonet7737279290
2615 W Division St1850Greystone Properties Inc.Margarita Amaro3123768090R-4, Chicago
2619 W Division St1800Bridge International LLCAshley Donat8152763248B4-2, Chicago
2643 W Chicago Ave22500CTK Chicago PartnersSteve Aaronson3123371010C1-2
2720-2750 W Grand Ave21000CTK Chicago PartnersDominic Saraceno3123371010M1-2
2834-2850 W Chicago Ave2100CTK Chicago PartnersHoward Caplan3123371010C1-2
2900 W Chicago Ave9000CTK Chicago PartnersDominic Saraceno3123371010C2-2
3220 W Grand Ave47000CTK Chicago PartnersDominic Saraceno3123371010M1-2
508 N Hermitage Ave2320CTK Chicago PartnersSteve Aaronson3123371010
525-535 N Ashland Ave1500Amos Financial, LLCNareg Korogluyan8474332600
615-631 N Ogden Ave15750CTK Chicago PartnersDominic Saraceno3123371010M1-2
677 N Milwaukee Ave2666CTK Chicago PartnersSteve Aaronson3123371010C1-3
688 N Milwaukee Ave6866Jameson Commercial Real EstateJustin Collins3128672270B3-5
696 N Milwaukee Ave2342Jameson Commercial Real EstateJustin Collins3128672270
700 N Green St2674Conlon CommercialSteve Horvath3127337201
705 N Milwaukee Ave3600Irving NaiditchIrving Naiditch9413837745
738 N California Ave828De Canio Builders Supply Co7732781551
770 N Halsted St46700R2 CompaniesMatt Duhig3122269737PMD
777 N Green St9600City Church Chicago3122430930PMD#5, Chicago
800 N Milwaukee Ave1320CTK Chicago PartnersHoward Caplan3123371010C1-2
801-805 N Milwaukee Ave1710Diamond Realty HoldingsJosh Diamond6145959905B3-2
806 N Peoria St9614@properties CommercialMike Rourke3125060200PMD-5
818-820 California Ave1190@properties CommercialMichael Weber3125060200C1-2
825 N Milwaukee Ave2000Mon Ami RealtyPatrick Lockman3124251344
833-845 W Chicago Ave8400Pacific Realty ManagementMichael Ghofrani3127334022B
906 N California Ave1000Greystone Properties Inc.Margarita Amaro3123768090
909 W Bliss St247769CBRESara Spicklemire3129351400PMD 3
921 N Damen Ave1600Cihla Realty LLCDavid Cihla7735904753B4-2, Chicago
925 W Chicago Ave14221Rockwell PartnersEdward Thilman3124603306C1-3
934 N North Branch St350884CBRESara Spicklemire3129351400
935 W Chestnut St2680Blue Star PropertiesMike Lombardo3128552200
936 W Huron St5000NelsonHillZach Pruitt3122671100M1-3